Recycling is a big big thing in our house at the moment and almost every jaw, can and bottle is carefully kept until the right idea pops up! Sounds messy? Well it is! Luckily I just got my first dedicated workspace for all my hobby creations and the mess it makes! YAYYYYYY ❤



So to the tin can project :original

This was the first draft from before our daughter was born. Her first homemade gift from mamma. Enjoyed making it but never loved the result. So I decided to redo it.

I decided to drop the socket into the tin can. I only had equipment to make a hole that was a little too small to fit the socket so I decided to use my “big” muscles and push it down as far as I wanted it. That resulted in a broken top.. Hmm.. I let the project sit for a bit…looked around for something to fix it with and decided to make a “cap” with designer paper. This is the result of that mistake. Not too shabby for me.

I changed the tin dudette’s bottoms and repainted her feet to purple to make it all match a little more than before. Now I’m happier with it and I hope for is that my daughter will love it some day! 🙂

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